-NESS (Leverage)

​A new duet by Erin Cairns Cella and Dages Juvelier Keates

Photo: Justin Skrakowski-- at Gowanus Art and Production


A Rube Goldberg Machine of sorts, Under Liner attempts to prove that any relationship is necessarily unnecessarily-convoluted. The piece dissects the relationship between two people, while analyzing the shared tasks of two performers in space. Among the relationships on the chopping block: performer/audience, male/female, math/art, motion/stillness, planned/spontaneous, contemporary performance/performance history, joke/laugh, if/then, intimacy/distance, Erin/Chris.

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Erin and Dages approach themselves as "performance clay." Their work questions expectations of the female form as it exists in space and time, specifically, in performance. Erin and Dages have a keen interest in manipulating energy and presence; they begin their process from their subjective experiences of performance states and build outward, threading images inside movement exploration.

This duet, Leverage, utilizes an abstract movement vocabulary that vacillates between spasm, stillness, and extension. A deep tension grips the investigation of dichotomies such as threat and safety, containment and abandon, mastery and oblivion, relationality and isolation, and fast and slow. Unfolding psychological states pit the performers against their own posturing, physicality, and against then each other. They are currently researching "fishiness" and drag performances that undo or overdo normative gender constructions. They are interested in excess, wildness, and the monstrous.

LEVERAGE has been presented by Show/Share at Gibney Dance (2013), FAB! Festival (2013), Women in Movement Rooftop Salon (2013), and Movement Research Open Performance Series (2013).

Under Liner

A new duet by Erin Cairns Cella and Christopher Shepard

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